Connectivity Goes Beyond Phones. It Helps People Flourish.

Making a meaningful difference in the lives of the rural poor in Africa.


increase in farm yield value
per $1 invested in Brastorne


of our users are women


net increase in income for
female farmers


savings in communication and information access costs for the
rural poor

Social Impact Highlight: Botswana Report

Brastorne is making a positive impact in the lives of millions of rural Africans. Learn more about our Impact Performance and Potential through 2026.

Closing a critical gap in access

We have connected 4 million unconnected feature phone users In Africa to the internet. But we are just getting started. We aim to reach over 49 million lives in Africa by 2025. Along this path, we measure our impact using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations.

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No Poverty

With access to timely information through our platforms and knowledge sharing from a mobile community, unconnected farmers are able to make informed decisions for improved yields and save costs to obtain information.

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Zero Hunger

Our agricultural solutions like mAgri support and encourage small-scale farmers by empowering them with access to timely information and capacity-building opportunities that help them with improving their yields.

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Reduced Inequities

It's why we exist. Our mission is to connect the unconnected throughout rural Africa, giving them equitable access to markets, information, and community. Our products and services are designed to bridge the digital divide imposed by the limited adoption of smartphones and the absence of network infrastructure.

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Gender Inequalities

Women form over 60% of our users, and over 60% of our mobile stores are owned by women. Our platforms aim to empower women by giving them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, have increased bargaining power, and grow their business through access to market opportunities.

Case Studies

Brastorne Deploys its Mpotsa and Robo-Dialer Technology to Connect Disadvantaged Botswana with Critical Legal Services

Our Impact in Action


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