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We have mobile services that aim to empower Batswana with relevant information on the most easily accessible mobile platforms, SMS and Voice through subscription services.


Brastorne has put a twist to how USSD can be used by an average African.In simple terms, we are in the business of ‘making dumb phones smart'.


Our motto is to Connect The Unconnected. We focus on social good solutions that include the underserved communities.

Who Are We?

Brastorne Enterprises is a tech company that has rapidly grown into profitable ICT solutions provider, with a diverse portfolio offering services across various industries such as marketing, data management, Mobile Technology Solutions i.e Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), voice (IVR) and Short Message Service (SMS) . Brastorne Enterprises is driven by its partnerships with leading organizations to develop high performance solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs and have high social impact by providing access to information, markets and financing to the underserved communities..

Our Mission

To design cost effective advanced ICT and Financial Solutions for underserved communities and under-digitalized businesses throughout Africa.We deliver these services through research and technology that tremendously aids our clients to transform from being underserved or under-digitalized to be self-sustaining entities.

Our Values

 Customer Centric





Our Vision

We aim to be a solutions leader in Africa in the digitization landscape.

What Do We Do?

Our innovation is highlighted in the success stories of our innovative products that address the digital, information and market gaps in Botswana, namely Mpotsa, mAgri and Digi Data.


Internet for the Underserved: With no need for data connections, no need to install software clients and no SMS involved, anyone can get access to advanced internet based applications such as email, chat, wikipedia, news and marketplaces from anywhere, anytime via our USSD platfrom. By dialing a shortcode, users automatically get access to our own social network which has gone viral in Botswana alone, forging friendships, business relationships, and marketing opportunities.mAgriOur USSD platform also has an mAgri section which gives farmers access to farming information, markets, and short-term finance. mAgri allows farmers to market their products and services across the country, using ANY cell phone, including basic feature phones and from any part of Botswana. Farmers are able to receive valuable agricultural information (helpful farming tips, animal healthcare database, training opportunities, announcements, commodity prices, and weather alerts), set up business profiles and mobile stores therefore enabling trade, chat unlimited, and access email and Wikipedia.Our Ussd service currently has over 600,000 active users that have used the service and up to 100,000 monthly users which is a significant portion of Botswana's population of 2,200,000. Our USSD services have been live since February 2016 and are accessible on Orange by dialing *118#


Mpotsa is a mobile service that aims empowers Batswana with relevant, timely and Localised information on the most easily accessible mobile platforms, SMS and VOICE. Contact Centre: Dare to Ask! With our contact centre, knowing it all is easier than you think! Mpotsa contact centre enables Batswana to able to inquire about anything ranging from directory enquiries, enquiries about products and services, service providers etc as well as advisory services. Through this powerful platform, we can offer advisory services and link callers with relevant experts based on their calls which may range from, not limited to agricultural advisory services, legal advice, and health. With localised and relevant Information not regularly accessible on google, or on the internet, Mpotsa will have such information available for customers on call. Mpotsa is currently available on Orange and is accessed by simply SMS’ing or calling the short-code 16118 Mpotsa also gives Batswana access to information through its lifestyle content-based subscription services.

Subscription services
1. Mpotsa Wealth: Mpotsa wealth empowers youth with financial literacy information, job opportunities, business opportunities, trainings, seminars and so much more
2. Mpotsa Local: Mpotsa Local provides Batswana with Interesting facts about Botswana's history, culture, Maele, Diane, Meila, and local language translations.
3. Mpotsa Social: Mpotsa Social provides users with latest local Gig guides, happy hour specials, events, celebrity gossip, jokes and so much more.

Digi Data

Digi data is our flagship B2B service that provide clients with document digitization services allowing them to make data driven decision to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenues and automate business process. Digi data enables document management, automated data entry and extrapolations of valuable information from paper based forms to make them digital. We work around the clock to ensure that we introduce paperless solutions and streamline workflows for organizations therefore proving speed and efficiency.

Projects carried out: 
• Scanning, Digitisation, development and analysis of a National Database for Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism – Statistics Botswana
• Scanning, Digitisation, development and analysis of CDC data
• Scanning, Digitisation, development and analysis of task sharing study: Department of Public Health, University of Botswana
• Scanning, Digitisation, development and analysis of a National Database for Ministry of Health Data – Statistics Botswana


Here are the number of lives we have connected and impacted.




Monthly Users


Mpotsa Users




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Becoming An Orange Aggregator


In 2018 we achieved a big milestone by signing a contract with the Orange group that enables Brastorne technical access into the Orange affiliates. We are now proud to say that we are integrated into the Orange centre in Abidjan Techno, Cote d voire. The mission of the Techno Centre is to industrialize the launch of innovative services to increase the speed and responsiveness of the Orange group.

IVR and Rodo Dialler : Bridging the Gap for illiterate Mobile Users


IVR and Robo Dialler are finally here! This year have taken the step to enhance our mpotsa voice solution to provide on-demand information using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Through our Mpotsa Robo Dialler we leverage the power of IVR to provide users with valuable information and alerts...



With the vision of connecting the unconnected Brastorne is a company which is focused on merging mobile ICT’s with social good. We enable increased access to information on a range of different topics to empower communities to make informed decisions. We therefore are happy to announce our partnership with UNICEF on a project that allows young people to have access to information and give different views on key issues that affect their communities via digital channels including SMS.



Our Capacity

100 %

Youth Work Force

50 %

Female Employees


Full Time Employees


Years Of Combined Experience

Brastorne currently have a staff compliment of 34 FTE and around 40 staff seconded to projects. Brastorne is equipped with skills ranging from artificial intelligence, system and mobile app developers, project management experts, business development specialists, informatics experts, finance and data analytics specialist, and marketing experts and over 100 years of experience. This combination of professionals makes the perfect team to provide high-value ICT services in Botswana that aim to bridge the digital gap, and furthermore, provide technical assistance on related matters.


SDG's addressed by Brastorne

Building partnerships, unify sectors and engage stakeholders on issues relating to agriculture, unemployment and the unconnected.
Support and encourage small-scale farming by empowering famers with access to information on different farming tips especially in high-poverty and low to no access to internet areas.
Ensuring equity among male and female employees and a fair balance between executive and worker pay.
Employing majority of women and young people who have the relevant skills in a country were youth and female unemployment is high.
Develop new platforms that can be installed in markets to improve economic mobility.

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