Brastorne Greatly Impacts The Agriculture Sector in Botswana

In this infographic, we unpack the core challenges for rural farmers in Sub Saharan Africa and the hugely beneficial effect the mAgi platform has on crop yields and economic opportunity.

magri statistics data illustration

Information and communication access are expensive. Approximately 60% of Botswana’s population cannot afford data. Brastorne empowers small rural farming communities through its platform, providing them with access to valuable resources and knowledge that are necessary for successful harvests and increased yields. Additionally, they have been able to make their produce more accessible to the national market, allowing them to create additional revenue streams from their yields.

Beyond simply improving output, mAgri’s impact includes giving those who depend on their land hope for the future and a chance to participate in the broader market. By giving local farming communities access to market prices, pest warnings, agricultural management advice, and more, mAgri gives them the dignity that comes with having autonomy over their own income. These farmers can now make more informed choices and boost their chances for economic growth.

To learn more about how Brastone is impacting lives across Sub-Saharan Africa, read our latest Impact Report.