Brastorne’s Remarkable Journey to Connect 3 Million Lives in Underserved African Communities

In today’s world, digital connectivity is synonymous with opportunity. We are transitioning into an era where sustainable technological innovation and connectivity are eroding the barriers to digital inclusion. The world is a global village, and everything is happening online, however, Africa has historically been left behind. While many African countries possess a rich cultural heritage and abundant resources, the lack of reliable and accessible internet connectivity has acted as a formidable barrier, preventing these regions from fully realizing their economic and social potential.

The Need for Sustainable Technology to bridge the digital divide in Africa: Brastorne’s Solutions

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“The digital divide is a major challenge, and access to the internet is critical in today’s world, particularly for those in rural areas,” said Naledi Magowe, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Brastorne. In an era defined by technological innovation and connectivity,  Brastorne has emerged as an innovative catalyst for change across underserved communities in Africa. Achieving the remarkable milestone of 3 million lives impacted is a testament to Brastorne’s unwavering commitment to bridging the digital divide and creating positive impact for marginalized communities in Africa. What does this mean exactly for Africa?

Smart Access for marginalized communities

“Innovation is a constant in Africa,” says Martin Stimela, Cofounder and CEO of Brastorne. “But many have been innovating the wrong way, focusing on solutions that mirror what happens in data-hungry first-world countries. We, as Africans, need to develop solutions for African problems. Our platform has done so well because it addresses a basic need: low-cost communications without data.”

With Brastorne’s solutions, 3 million people gained equitable access to the power of the internet across Africa. The technology turns the continent’s ubiquitous feature phones into internet portals for less than $0.05 per day. For these feature phone users, Brastorne’s solutions provide an experience similar to that of a smartphone mobile app, gaining access through a suite of technology solutions that include USSD, IVR, or Voice.

The impact extends beyond economic upliftment – it’s about reshaping lives by facilitating access to essential information. With mAgri, farmers in Botswanathe DRCCameroon, and Guinea gain access to advisory services, Wikipedia, weather/pest alerts, crop prices, and farming communities, as well as trade, chat, and email in their native language. This has dissolved the barriers of unaffordable access, a lack of infrastructure, and low technological literacy by using existing infrastructure in partnership with telco networks.

The Journey

Brastorne’s journey of impact has improved the quality of life for rural communities, receiving recognition from esteemed institutions such as Google, MIT Solve, and Heifer International, along with the aYuTe Africa Challenge 2022. These awards serve as tangible acknowledgements of Brastornes commitment to digital inclusivity.

As Brastorne continues its journey to bridge the digital divide, with the mission of connecting 760 million Africans who lack meaningful access to today’s digital world, it plans to expand its solutions to 19 different African countries. With 3 million lives impacted so far, the journey of connecting the unconnected is rapidly becoming more pressing as the world becomes interconnected and the call for digital inclusion grows.

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