From Exclusion to Inclusion! A Story of 4 Million Lives Impacted in Africa

Is Africa becoming a big player in the global economy? Today, the resource giant is growing a young consumer market that will in the future lead to demand for consumption, health, technological services, and products. However, as Africa continues to grow, so does the gap between marginalized communities and the rest of the advancing world.

Africa goes digital; these are words that may strike fear in the hearts of the rural poor who do not have equitable access to the internet. In Africa, where vast populations still lack meaningful internet connectivity, the digital divide persists as a significant barrier to progress. Africa is plagued by the exclusive digital divide, which prevents millions of people from having access to basic online services, hence sustaining social injustices and economic inequality. Limited market access, a lack of infrastructure, and low technological literacy further compound the obstacles faced by rural populations.

Easy-To-Use Tech for Impact!

Brastorne has a vision for the future of Africa. Now more than ever, digital inclusion can play a crucial role in the economic upliftment of many rural poor. “Consider a future where every African, regardless of geography or resources, has access to knowledge, markets, and community through an accessible and inexpensive internet connection.” says Martin Stimela, Co-founder and CEO of Brastorne. Brastorne envisions not only connecting 760 million Africans who lack meaningful access to today’s digital world, but also creating a meaningful impact. This is slowly becoming a reality, where in 2023 we impacted 3 million Africans, and now a million more have equitable access to the power of the internet, offering a lifeline to communities left behind by traditional internet infrastructure.

Transforming 4 million Lives Across Africa

Brastorne’s commitment to digital inclusion is evident in its suite of technology solutions, including USSD, IVR, and Voice. These platforms, integrated into applications like Mpotsa, mAgri, and Vuka, serve as gateways to opportunities for rural communities. Brastorne harnessing the power of these accessible and user-friendly technologies, it empowers users to access essential services, market information, and community connections.

Brastorne currently has an impactful presence in BotswanaDRCCameroon, and Guinea, reaching millions of individuals previously excluded from the opportunities that come with access to the digital landscape. Each of the 4 million users impacted by Brastorne experiences a tangible change in their lives, contributing to the broader economic upliftment of Africa. Through innovative technology and strategic partnerships, Brastorne is not only bridging the digital gap but also paving the way for sustainable development and prosperity in the region.

The Future

african child using phone

“We are committed to connecting 760 million Africans who lack meaningful access to today’s digital world” says Naledi Magowe, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Barstorne. Brastorne’s commitment to digital inclusion is making a tangible impact across Africa, empowering millions with access to information, markets, and community. If you’re passionate about driving positive change and want to partner with us on this journey, we invite you to learn more about our impact.