3 Key Things to Remember this International Women’s History Month: Empowering the H.E.R of Africa

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In sub-Saharan Africa, women face unique economic empowerment challenges, especially in sectors like farming. Despite the region boasting the world’s highest rate of women entrepreneurs who could positively impact Africa, many female-led enterprises remain small-scale with limited growth opportunities. However, a new wave of startups and initiatives is aiming to change this narrative, empowering African women in […]

From Exclusion to Inclusion! A Story of 4 Million Lives Impacted in Africa

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Is Africa becoming a big player in the global economy? Today, the resource giant is growing a young consumer market that will in the future lead to demand for consumption, health, technological services, and products. However, as Africa continues to grow, so does the gap between marginalized communities and the rest of the advancing world. Africa goes […]

Tips and Best Practices to Maximize Farming: A 2024 Blueprint for Marginalized Communities

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In 2024, the agricultural landscape will evolve rapidly, presenting both challenges and opportunities for farmers. For marginalized communities, mastering the art of farming is not just about cultivating crops; it’s about empowerment, sustainability, and economic opportunities. In today’s world, technology is advancing innovative solutions for farmers,  driven by urgent global challenges and opportunities. However, as […]

Farming in Botswana: Challenges and the Path Forward

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Africa’s digital economy is expanding, and technology use is improving. However, the digital divide is expanding throughout Africa. Agriculture is vital for meeting basic human needs, including food production. A significant portion of the African population relies on agriculture for their daily sustenance. It’s not just an economic sector but a lifeline for millions of […]

Brastorne’s Remarkable Journey to Connect 3 Million Lives in Underserved African Communities

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In today’s world, digital connectivity is synonymous with opportunity. We are transitioning into an era where sustainable technological innovation and connectivity are eroding the barriers to digital inclusion. The world is a global village, and everything is happening online, however, Africa has historically been left behind. While many African countries possess a rich cultural heritage […]

Left Behind: The Digital Divide in Africa

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In the modern world, having access to the internet has become essential. It gives people access to information, markets, and communities—all of which are essential for the growth of the economy and society. However, hundreds of millions of Africans lack even basic internet connection due to the continent’s widening digital gap, which worsens societal inequalities, […]

Impact Investing in Africa

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Africa is attracting an increasing amount of investment. Many global impact investments gravitate toward Africa as the most promising continent for shifting global markets. As investors become increasingly aware of the need to align their financial goals with positive, social and environmental impact, there has been a growing trend in impact investing in Africa. This form of […]

Brastorne Greatly Impacts The Agriculture Sector in Botswana

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In this infographic, we unpack the core challenges for rural farmers in Sub Saharan Africa and the hugely beneficial effect the mAgi platform has on crop yields and economic opportunity. Information and communication access are expensive. Approximately 60% of Botswana’s population cannot afford data. Brastorne empowers small rural farming communities through its platform, providing them […]

Brastorne Bridges The Connectivity Gap in Guinea

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The expansion of internet connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa is challenging. Approximately 80% of people do not have access to basic internet service. Poorer health outcomes, a lower life expectancy, more social isolation, and restricted access to employment and education opportunities are just a few of the ways a person’s life may be significantly harmed by […]

Brastorne Wins the AYuTe Africa Challenge and Further Develops its Relationship with Heifer International

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Digital access remains a serious difficulty for the majority of African countries. Despite increased attempts to overcome the barriers to digital inclusion, diverse populations, particularly women and people with disabilities, remain disproportionately affected. A connected continent, country, and individual have endless potential for creating economic growth. The same can be said for the agricultural sector, […]